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Why Organic?

Labels like “organic” are a tool used by us-it does not define who we are or how we farm. The true intentions of “organic farming” surpasses a simple label. Being an organic grower connects us to supportive peer networks, ecologists, and nature-based innovations. For us, we use organic standards to keep robust records for our farm and our business and use these yearly benchmarks to gauge our successes and opportunities retrospectively. 


“Farmers merely assist nature…” -Fukuoka 

This is the humbling mantra we subscribe to and are always working towards practicing. Too often, farmers are given amnesty (even organic farmers) for the destruction they practice on the land in relatively short periods of time. Farmers abandon land that they have extracted all resources from-not unlike the practices surrounding mineral and fossil fuel extraction. Farming in a “throwback” extractive and destructive sort of way does not relieve us from loss of organic matter, loss of biodiversity, loss of soil or water quality. While we do adhere to federal standards for organic certification we also exceed these and are exploring other standards and concepts around bio-nutrients, soil health, biodiversity, and regenerative agriculture. 


We believe our farm is a portrait of ourselves.


Farmers need to be co-leaders in innovation and conservation. We need to be creative, knowledgeable, and humble. 

Cheers to farming in a way that is raw and real and challenging!

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